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Home Pressure Washing Tips How Regular Roof Cleaning Benefits

How Regular Roof Cleaning Benefits Your NJ Home

How regular roof cleaning benefits

This is the time of year to make sure you get a professional roof cleaning in New Jersey. While the winter weather is already dropping low at night, the days are still warming up enough for one last roof cleaning. Since the coming holiday season will soon arrive and the cold weather will set in, now's the time to consider the benefits of getting it done.

If the roof cleaning isn't a priority, you'll miss all the benefits, and the neglect could cause serious problems that lead to more significant issues, like leaks and water damage inside your New Jersey home.

Roof Cleaning To Remove Algae

Humidity levels in the air will always directly affect how much algae grows, even when it's not raining. As a local pressure washing company, we know what happens to a rooftop when the climate is as humid as ours. Algae, mold, and mildew thrive - and that's a big problem for roof shingles.

If you've been noticing dark streaks or stains all over your roof, it's likely algae and not some problem with the shingle materials.

Algae uses the limestone in asphalt shingles for nutrients. As the microorganism feeds, it leaves behind the black stains. When fed and moisture exists, it will thrive, and the roof will get darker and darker as time goes by. Unfortunately for roofs in our climate, the humid weather doesn't get any better during the seasons to follow.

Getting rid of the algae and keeping it away with regular roof cleaning is pretty much a year-long concern for everyone here. Using the right methods kills the algae at the roots. The treatment applied will help to deter its new growth over the following several months.

Benefits of Getting Regular Roof Cleaning

One benefit you'll enjoy if you get regular professional roof cleaning is the prevention of roof damage. Preventive measures will help to reduce the yearly repair and maintenance costs as well as help you to avoid an early roof replacement. You'll also enjoy several other benefits of regular roof cleaning:

  • Increases the curb appeal of your house
  • Helps to prevent roof damage from algae
  • Helps to avoid roof damage from tree debris
  • Helps your shingles to last longer
  • Helps to prevent roof rot
  • Helps to maintain your home's value
  • Helps you to save money on repairs
  • Helps to avoid the cost of an early roof replacement

How Often To Schedule Roof Cleaning

Several variables affect how often you should get roof cleaning. It's generally recommended at least twice per year, but you may need it more often or less often than that.

Getting it done regularly will give your roof and home the best chance to stand strong. Take these factors into consideration, and don't hesitate to ask your contractor what they recommend since they're familiar with what other homes in your neighborhood need.

  • The humidity level of our climate
  • The amount of pollution your house is exposed to
  • Whether sap-dripping trees overhang your roof
  • Whether the trees drop a lot of leaves and twigs
  • If you're keeping the algae off the roof
  • The amount of shade covering your roof
  • How often the gutter cleaning is done

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