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Keep The Exterior Of Your Home Spotless With Professional House Washing

House washing

Are you ready to see what your New Jersey home looks like once the grime buildup is removed? Give Pickup Power Washing LLC a call to set up a free house washing quote in New Jersey.

If you choose our pressure washing specialists, you'll get to see the original colors of your home's siding come alive again. Properly cleaning the surfaces of your house makes a significant improvement in the curb appeal, not to mention the sparkling clean we can get the windows once we handle the house washing for you.

Whether we're working on your house washing, deck cleaning, or any other exterior cleaning, we know how to remove all types of stains from the surface we're working on without causing damage. Plus, our service saves you loads of time over doing all that hard work yourself.

Take a look at all the services we offer in New Jersey and then give our local pros a call if you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment.

  • Free Consultations and Quotes
  • Eco-Friendly House Washing
  • Dedicated To Your Satisfaction

Exterior Soft Washing For Your Home

The last thing you want to see when you hire a professional for any type of siding cleaning or exterior cleaning is to see streaks, splotches, denting, or discoloration on the surface. Any type of damage to your house or property is unacceptable.

Unfortunately for some homeowners, the siding or another exterior surface gets permanently marred during the house washing process. Most of the time, the technician wasn't trained, or the homeowner tried to do the work themselves.

Instead of DIY methods or hiring an amateur, contact our New Jersey pressure washing company for an estimate. While we may not offer the cheapest estimate around, we offer competitive rates for quality service you can depend on.

Exterior soft washing methods are the only method recommended by siding manufacturers because it won't cause damage. We are trained, have the equipment, and are highly skilled in using soft washing techniques.

We use a soft wash cleaning technique, which is completely safe. The process involves using a gentle water pressure along with a special detergent solution we mix ourselves.

  • Won't damage siding or other exterior materials.
  • Environmentally safe cleaning detergents.
  • Treats, kills, and prevents algae growth.
  • Ensures your siding warranty stays valid.

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