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The Most Trusted Pressure Washing Contractor in New Jersey

When you need a pressure washing contractor in New Jersey, put your trust in our experts at Pickup Power Washing LLC. Our technicians offer reliable and comprehensive services to help homeowners keep their properties in great shape.

Whether we're helping you with house washing, concrete cleaning, or anything else, we pay close attention to detail when we do our work. We want you to be delighted with the results our professional pressure washing contractor provides, and nothing would please us more than to know you trust the services of our company.

If you'd like to take advantage of our free estimates and consultations throughout the year, all you'll need to do is give us a call to schedule an appointment. Our pressure washing contractor would be more than happy to meet you at your home in New Jersey to provide a free quote.

Pressure washing

Pressure Washing

Getting professional help is a great way to save time and trouble to care for your property in New Jersey. Our professionals can help make the exterior cleaning easy by doing the hard work for you. Plus, the exceptional results we can provide will make you thrilled to have trusted us as your local pressure washing contractor.

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Roof cleaning

Roof Cleaning

Roof cleaning is a big job that can be dangerous and time-consuming if you don't have the training or equipment. Most NJ homeowners should hire a professional. Give us a call to set up a free quote; we can offer you a reasonable rate that will make it well worth choosing our roof cleaning experts at Pickup Power Washing LLC.

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Soft washing

Soft Washing

Our soft washing methods are the best way to wash houses and roofs in New Jersey. If you'd like to make sure your siding, shingles, and other delicate surfaces are treated safely during the cleaning, choose us for house washing and roof cleaning. We'd be happy to offer more details as to how we use the safe and effective soft washing method.

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Concrete cleaning

Concrete Cleaning

Concrete sidewalks, pavers, patios, pool decks, and driveways can get extremely slippery when they're dirty if algae or mildew covers the surface. Killing the fungus will be essential to restore the surface traction. Our concrete cleaning techniques can include an algae treatment to ensure the surface stays in great shape throughout the season.

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House washing

House Washing

If you're ready to see what your home looks like underneath the grime and stains, let us know you'd like to set up an estimate for house washing. Whether we're cleaning your siding, trim, gutters, windows, or other exterior surfaces, our house washing methods won't cause damage and are eco-friendly and very effective.

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Fence cleaning

Fence Cleaning

Whether your fencing is made of cedar, redwood, vinyl, composite, or pressure-treated pine, our experienced pressure washing specialists know how to restore the color and beauty of the fence surface without causing any damage. Our technician will always make sure that the method used is safe and appropriate for the job.

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Deck cleaning

Deck Cleaning

Decks in our NJ climate can get pretty grimy, especially when algae take over the surfaces. Before you know it, the decking material turns dark with a green, slimy coating that makes the surface slippery. Our professional deck cleaning service is just what you need to restore the beauty and surface traction of the area.

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Gutter cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

While it's essential to remove the leaves and debris from the inside of gutters, it's a job that most homeowners tend to put off. If you have gutter cleaning on your to-do list, we'd be happy to take over the chore of cleaning them out for you. Our pressure washing specialist can also help you to pressure wash the gutters on the outside.

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Rust removal

Rust Removal

Irrigation rust stains are hard to remove from concrete and siding. If you see an orange stain on these surfaces, we know how to remove it without causing damage. Each technician on our Pickup Power Washing LLC team is experienced and fully trained in rust removal.

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Solar panel cleaning thumb

Solar Panel Cleaning

Pickup Power Washing LLC wants to help you maximize your home's efficiency with our solar panel cleaning. If you've made the step towards having a greener New Jersey home with solar panels, keeping them clean is the best way to make sure they're working to the best of their ability.

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Solar panel cleaning thumb

Dryer Vent Cleaning

There's a hidden fire hazard in almost every New Jersey's the dryer vent! The buildup of lint over time in your dryer vent poses a potentially dangerous situation. Moreover, clogged dryer vent pipes cause your dryer to work harder ...

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