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Trust the Exterior of Your Home To A Professional Pressure Washing Company

Pressure washing

If you're looking for help with pressure washing in New Jersey, we can offer you the reliable services you need for your home and property.

Pickup Power Washing LLC is available to help with all types of pressure washing, whether it's cleaning the concrete, house washing, cleaning the roof, or other professional services you need.

All the dirt and grime that tends to buildup on the exterior of our homes, fences, decks, and other surfaces are no match for our skilled professionals, and neither are the algae stains, irrigation rust stains, mildew, or other stains.

Our technicians are equipped to provide a beneficial but safe pressure washing that removes years of grime and will lift stains from deep within the material.

We offer Free Estimates for pressure washing your home and property in the New Jersey area. Give us a call at our number below or reach out to us using our online form so that we can schedule an appointment.

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  • Dedicated to Your Complete Satisfaction
  • Free Estimates & Consultations
  • Top-Quality Results You Can Depend On
  • Safe and Effective Soft Washing Available

Benefits of Pressure Washing

Professional service isn't just the solution to make your home in New Jersey look its best, but to also help protect it from the destructive elements of nature. Get it done regularly and professionally, and you'll enjoy these benefits:

  • Have fewer repairs to make down the line.
  • Enjoy the original colors and beauty of your house again.
  • Protect your house and property from elemental damage.
  • Preserve the exterior building materials.
  • Prepare your house for painting or waterproofing.
  • Remove and prevent damaging algae and other stains.

The weather here in New Jersey, whether it's spring, summer, fall, or winter, can affect the well-being of the different building materials of your home. With the addition of salt to treat the ice and snow, the results only get worse.

There may also be algae growth that slowly eats away your roof shingles. Then, there's the grime and stains on the siding, fences, decks, and other wooden surfaces of a house to keep clean and tidy. Professional service can take care of all of these areas for you.

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